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Visit the iTunes or Google Play stores to download the hey universe mobile app to your smartphone or device.


Go to the Select button to choose from a list of present manifestations...




Go to the Custom button to enter your own personal manifestation.


Click the clock icon in the upper right corner to be taken the screen to set your reminder options.


Choose the notification time, frequency, and sounds you would like to  accompany your reminders.




Once your notification preferences have been saved, you will receive reminders on your device to keep your attention on your intention and become a manifestation machine!

Be sure to check your device's notification settings to select how you would like them to appear.  If your settings are not done properly, you may not receive notifications.  

Share. Edit. And more.

Go to the My Universe button to revisit your manifestations. 


Swipe right to edit, delete, or share via SMS, twitter, or Facebook and have others support your in your manifestation journey!